Take your time filling the form, and if possible, for each course related support request, fill the form once. Moodle course-related tickets are handled partially by software robots, and properly filled forms make support faster.
Course support options are:
-New empty course template
-Course backup and reset
-Copying an existing course as a new course
-Removing an existing course.

Moodle course templates: creation of new ones and resetting of old ones


User information

Where will the course be created?

University of Eastern Finland has multiple Moodle environments for different uses:
-UEF-Moodle is for degree courses
-Aducate Moodle is for open university courses
-Hanke-Moodle is for projects, groups etc and other courses unmentioned above
When you order a copy, back-up or removal of a course, please enter the course URL here. More information on how to find the URL to your course can be found from the question mark below or from this following address: https://media.uef.fi/View.aspx?id=32432~5b~suoomAL8QZ

Course category

Course category in Aducate

Course category Hanke

Course information

-Course name: The visible full name of the course.
-Course shortname: Short name of the course that is visible on the course listing. This has to be unique.
-Course summary: You can describe the contents of the course here.
When you order a course copy, please enter the new course name and course short name here.


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